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How We Help

How We Help

Since the dawn of humankind, we've huddled around fires, swapping stories and roasting marshmallows. Now, let us blow some hot air your way with our no-nonsense 3-step plan. We'll save you the hassle and time of sweating over scripts and worrying about how you sound by crafting scripts just for you, your biz, and your dreams. (We love Mad-Libs but not when it comes to copywriting!) 

With our top-notch voiceover and audio productions, you'll effortlessly stand out from the crowd, ensuring your message scorches straight to your dream audience.

Glass timer with water dripping into flame: Save Time

Save Time

Raise a glass to fiery audio! Our custom solutions take the load off your back, giving you more time to rock what you do best – running your biz. Or making reels with your dog. 

Message in a bottle labeled 'send the right message

Send the right message

Empowerment in action: A woman blows fire, symbolizing confidence and boldness on our 'How We Help' page

Stand Out

Crafting a smokin’ message is key, right? We'll help you nail down what makes you especially hot and set it to just the right mood music. You'll blaze new trails directly into the hearts of your leads

Extinguish the world of watered-down services. We're all about getting up close and personal to understand you and your vibe and craft audio magic that's uniquely, you! 

Ready ... Set ... IGNITE! 

Sound Spark Studio's fiery spirit: A small orange and yellow flame symbolizing the heat and energy of our studio.

Leave the fire-breathing to us!

(Not Just) Blowin' Smoke

We know how frustrating finding the right words and creating the right message can be.

Don't get lost. Get heard!

Sound Spark Studio's fiery spirit: A small orange and yellow flame symbolizing the heat and energy of our studio

I will never mess with sub-par AI software ever again. This was great! Suzanne will get all of my female voice over work moving forward.

Sound Spark Studio's fiery spirit: A small orange and yellow flame symbolizing the heat and energy of our studio

Creativity on point and impeccable VO - Suzanne is your girl!

Sound Spark Studio's fiery spirit: A small orange and yellow flame symbolizing the heat and energy of our studio
Fiery flourish: adding sparks to our (Not Just) Blowin' Smoke page

Suzanne is a one-woman audio- wrecking crew!

(Fire) Works

Starry Campout SSS-min.jpg

How it Works

1.Tiny Flame Meetup

We’ll meet (online or in person) to discuss your goals and preferences. You'll feel the heat! 

2.Fiery Script Creation:

We get to work crafting your customized script. (Don’t worry, you’ll get to see it and make corrections or change before we got further).

3. Blazing Your Custom Audio

Once you approve the copy, our audio engineers and voice over artist get to work recording and producing your audio. You’ll get a preview before we finalize it! Upon approval we deliver your fully customized, fully produced MP3. 

Sound Spark Studio logo: Bold and bright text with a flare accent behind the letter 'I', symbolizing energy and creativity

Kindling Your Brand Fire

Fiery flourish: adding sparks to our About page

Welcome to Spark Sound Studio! Here we speak fluently in sarcasm, truck driver and dog. And we're all about embracing untamed spirits and ensuring you (and your story!) shine bright on even the darkest of nights. 

With over 20 years of experience in media, we know some things about crafting fire audio that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression.

The key - and our approach - is all about taking the time to truly understand your unique vibe and brand personality, so we can create audio that feels like you. 

No quick fixes here – just personalized, one-on-one service that's as casual, quirky and irreverent as you are.

Whether you're a small, woman owned business or a the great and powerful Oz, I'm here to help you stand out in a world that's often too loud (and too busy with their phone) to hear your voice. Let's save you time and make some serious sound waves together.

Here’s how we do it:

Discovery Session:

To get to know each other better so we better understand you and your brand's values and target audience. 


Copywriting Your Script:

We collaborate with you to craft a unique script that captures your brand's character, addresses external and internal challenges, and resonates with your audience.

Professional Audio Production:

We're all about turning up the heat on your brand's audio! Our seasoned audio wizards don't just blow hot air – they gently infuse your script with the perfect amount of fire. With our top-tier voice talent, electrifying sound effects, and killer background jams, we'll craft an audio masterpiece that makes your brand stand out like a blazing beacon in the night. It's all about forging deep, emotional connections with your audience and leaving a lasting impression. Say goodbye to bland, generic audio and hello to a sound that's as bold and unforgettable as you.


Don't settle for dying embers – let’s blaze this mofo!!

Reach out today and let's spark something incredible together!

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