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Setting Your Brand on Fire!

At Sound Spark Studio, we're committed to crafting unique audio experiences that elevate your brand.


Check out our fiery pricing tiers and find the perfect fit for your business needs. From the essentials to full-blown custom solutions, we've got you covered.

Ember Essentials:

Kickstart your brand with the basics that still pack a punch. Perfect for startups and small projects

Cost: $300 per project

What you receive:


  • Professional voiceover

  • Basic scriptwriting

  • Standard audio production

Flame Fuel

Give your brand a boost with solid audio and script support. Ideal for growing businesses looking to make a bigger impact

Cost: $750 per project

What you receive:


  • Enhanced voiceover options

  • Detailed scriptwriting

  • High-quality audio production

Raging Fire

Go full throttle with top-tier audio production and strategy. Best for established brands ready to dominate their niche

Cost: $1500 per project


What you receive:


  • Premium voiceover talent

  • Comprehensive script development

  • Advanced audio production


Blazing Brilliance:

Custom solutions to set your brand ablaze and stand out. Perfect for businesses wanting a fully customized, high-impact solution.  Starting at $2500 per project


What you receive:

  • Tailored voice over services

  • Bespoke scriptwriting

  • Full-scale audio production and strategy



  • Spark Tweaks

Additional Revisions: $100 per revision
Perfect your project with extra tweaks and touches.


  • Rapid Fire

Rush Delivery: $300 for expedited services
Need it fast? We’ve got you covered with speedy delivery.


  • Ignition Insights

Consultation: $150 per hour
Strategic advice to keep your brand’s fire burning bright.


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