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A red-haired woman with red and black flannel plaid on her shirt with green eyes and red lips, wearing glasses, cartoon avatar for Sound Spark Studio

(Fire) Works

Check out some of our fave audio - at least from works we can share. Sometimes we're under strict NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) which means we can't talk about it or show it (Audio Fight Club, if you will)

Our faves tho, are called "evergreen" and they live, well, pretty much anywhere but they tell your brand story and they're almost always relevant content - as opposed to a sales piece you might use one time a year (like a Halloween sale)

Bob's Tires: Michelin

If Tires Could Talk

Best Commercial 2018

Alabama Broadcasters Association

Tuscaloosa CDJR

The Story of You

One Voice Award Finalist 2023

True Story

Just for Fun

In the video library below, you'll find custom audio work we've done with Mercedes-Benz, CDJR, some local businesses and some just for fun! Feel free to have a look around.

As you can see, we work on all sorts of ad campaigns from traditional marketing like radio and television to digital advertising, like Facebook and Instagram. 

*** If you're looking for voice over demos, I have three total. Click the yellow button below to head over to and hear my commercial, narration and e-learning demos***

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